Commodities - Definition

Commodities are any tangible goods that can be produced, processed, refined, consumed, transported, stored and traded across various markets. Basically commodities are categories in two types – hard commodities and soft commodities. Metals (gold, silver, copper etc.) and energy (crude oil, natural gas, electricity etc) products and considered as hard commodities where as agricultural products such as coffee, sugar, cotton etc considered as soft commodities.

Types of Commodities

Primarily commodities are divided into three groups - energy, metals and agricultural. Since this website is  focused on energy trading, we will be discussing commodities related to energy only.  
Energy Metals Agricultural
     - Brent Crude Oil
     - Heating Oil
     - Unleaded Gasoline
     - West Texas Intermediate (WTI)
Base Metals
     - Copper
     - Aluminum
     - Nickel
     - Tin …
     - Rice
     - Wheat
     - Corn
     - Oats …
Natural Gas Precious Metals
     - Gold
     - Silver
     - Platinum …
Oil Seeds
     - Soyabean
     - Canola
     - Palm Oil …
Electricity   Livestock/Meat
     - Pork Bellies
     - Lean Hogs
     - Cattle …
Coal   Softs
     - Coffee
     - Cocoa
     - Sugar
     - Orange Juice
     - Cotton …

Commodities Exchange

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